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COMPANY: CYG Jiacai (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS: 1/F6, CYG Port, Science and Technology Park, Nanshan District, 518057, Shenzhen, China

TEL: +86 -755-86001212    

FAX: +86-755-86001213



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    Pesticide Adjuvant
    Product Series Product Name
    Glyphosate series Glyphosate Ammonium Thickner and Synergist Additive
    Glyphosate-Isopropylammonium Thickner and Synergist Additive
    Glyhosate potassium salt Thickner and Synergist Additive
    2,4-D + Glyhosate Additive
    MCPA Glyhosate Additive
    Dicamba Glyhosate Additive
    Glyphosate granules additive
    Glyphosate + Glufosinate additive (30%+6%)
    Agriculturall Alkyl polyglucoside series Agricultural APG (Solid Content 50%)
    Agricultural APG (Solid Content 60%)
    Agricultural APG (Solid Content 70%)
    Glufosinate series raw powder type
    mother liquor type
    low foam and high permeability type
    Oil suspended Additive Nicosulfuron Oil suspended Additive
    Atrazine Oil suspended Additive
    Nicosulfuron+mesotrione+Atrazine Oil suspended Additive
    Betaine series Amphiprotic surfactant BS-12
    Cocamidopropyl betaine
    Cocoamido propyl hydroxy sulfoBetaine
    other products Diquat Thickner and Synergist Additive
    Glufosinate-ammonium Additive
    Fomesafen Additive
    Foliar fertilizer Additive
    Drift control spray Additive